Top 5 Most Expensive Compliance Mistakes medical offices make

  1. Failure to conduct Risk Assessment
  2. Incomplete or improper documentation
  3. Phished, hacked, breached email due to human error
  4. Human errors due to missing updated training or phishing attacks
  5. Assumptions that compliance is covered by IT company along with Business Disaster Business Continuity planning

Results to Avoid

  • Civil lawsuits
  • Federal fines
    • HIPAA
    • OSHA
    • US Attorney General
  • State Attorney General fines
    • Individual states have unique rules
  • Closing of office due to expenses associated with a breach
    • Small Business Association – 60% close within 6 months of a breach
  • Loss of Patients due to lack of confidence
    • Over 30% of patients leave after a breach
  • Investigation disruptions to the office and equipment
    • Local police
    • State police
    • FBI
    • HHS/OCR
    • Secret Service
    • Insurance

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