With cyber attacks ever increasing against medical offices, Curran Data’s service and expertise will enable your office to become confident, completely HIPAA compliant, and cybersecure.

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Time Saving Steps

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Curran Data helps make medical office compliance easy.

Compliance continues to increase in complexity and changes often. Curran Data guides you through the processes of HIPAA and cybersecurity.

Common Questions

  • Isn’t cybersecurity difficult?
  • Does cybersecurity affect your office?

  • Are we big enough to need this?
  • Is compliance expensive?

  • Doesn’t our IT company give us compliance?
  • Will training address all things compliance?

How to determine if expert guidance with compliance and cybersecurity is needed.

  • Trouble making time for more responsibilities such as cybersecurity
  • Details are needed to implement all of this compliance and cybersecurity
  • Trouble with the language used by your IT people
  • Keeping up to date with all of the changes happening with cybersecurity and compliance

Curran Data Technologies, your first and only cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance service.

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