Our Approach

The Dream

To make Compliance, Employee Oversight, and Security affordable for small to medium size medical practices.

Our Approach

  • We make your COMPLIANCE experience simple and stress-free.

Using Suggestions from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the FBI Agency, Curran Data Technologies offers a comprehensive HIPAA Strategy Implementation system for your Practice.

While it’s been said that there are 4 steps for HIPAA success, there are many items in each step that needs to work together and be completed. We do this for you with our Best Practices implementation system.

Our Story

Working with COMPLIANCE from the beginning, we were troubled at the usual cost of $30,000 to $40,000 a year to meet the Government regulations. With the signing of the HITECH and OMNIBUS Act, the fines no longer start at $2,500, but $25,000 and can go to $1.5 million per incident. This does not include potential fines from the Attorney Generals Office or Civil lawsuits on top of the Government fines. The largest cost, is the cost of lost office time, loss of confidence from the patients, and being unable to operate while everything gets sorted out. We are determined to lower the cost of compliance and increase governance and security. Over a period of several years, we developed a set of tools and processes that built the strategy for what is needed. Testing and using the tools for many years, we bring the tools and framework to the small and medium-size healthcare offices. While every office, by law needs to be compliant, they are many items that are overlooked. Each office needs to know how far out of compliance they are, and what is needed to become compliant. With the increase in cybercrime, we are more determined than ever to assist you with being compliant and safe at a reasonable cost

Next Steps…

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