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Meet Michael Boland of Curran Data Technologies, Our Founder and CEO

Michael Boland

Mike is an avid customer oriented person with over thirty seven years’ experience in data security. He is passionate about developing the best possible cybersecurity, cyber resilience, and HIPAA compliance systems available.

Starting in 1987, Mike cultivated and grew Boland Enterprises’ expertise in HIPAA compliance and awareness and continues to do so today. After procuring a number of state contracts, Mike noticed that a number of state agencies had requirements for data security that weren’t always realized. In 2000, Boland Enterprises purchased Curran Data Technologies launching and building systems with security benefits that include the understanding that cybersecurity and resiliency would need to be addressed continuously.

Building relationships and success through Curran Data’s compliance arm, Mike saw a lack of resources for the medical office and municipality cybersecurity market. By successfully adapting the high level security needs of the governmental world to the private sector, Mike and Curran Data are successfully filling the void with their platform and easing cybersecurity, resilience, and compliance anxieties in the medical and municipality field.

Passion for security mixed with a whatever-it-takes attitude and working directly with customers propels Mike to bring only the most secure services possible.

  • We are a U.S. based service and customer support team.
  • We have over three decades of delivering secure services without any breaches.
  • Our advanced cybersecurity systems include best practices and the use of the proven NIST framework.
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We’ve seen so much with our over 30 years experience in the data business. HIPAA and cybersecurity has been ingrained into all of our systems. It can be difficult without the right tools. Curran Data developed the means to automate the cybersecurity and compliance process for medical offices.

Led by Curran Data's expertice you will have confidence in your practices compliance and cyber security

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