Compliance Developed Together HIPAA & OSHA


Giving YOU the Knowledge and Confidence to bring HIPAA Compliance and HIPAA Documentation to your Medical Office.


Does Documentation for HIPAA get you down?

Are you confident your company would survive a HIPAA Audit?

What would the financial loss and brand reputation be?

What’s Your HIPAA Status?

** Curran Data quantifies your HIPAA risk profile and provides you with the blueprint to achieve compliance!

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What is Your HIPAA Status?

Would you like a HIPAA risk profile and provides you with the blueprint to gain compliance?

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Maximize HIPAA and OSHA Compliance with the World’s Easiest Compliance Platform.

We specialize in giving you the knowledge and confidence to be the go-to person for medical office compliance and documentation while automating the process for you.


Quoted by Dr. Alan Schwartz, MD: “HIPAA-compliance requires significant time and effort–more than a private-practice physician such as myself can adequately provide.  Curran Data Technologies becomes our HIPAA Compliance Officer and relieves me of the stress of worrying about potential violations.  I can spend more of my time on caring for patients rather than administrative busy-work!”

  • Balance, symmetry, and perfect proportions – creates HARMONY

    Lower your stress about what must be done for HIPAA Documentation
    • Let us address your issues before someone else does it for you

  • Remove the RISK

    • Security is important in today’s world
    • Get Maximum HIPAA compliance – guaranteed

  • The discipline of addition through subtraction, where less becomes more, and calm is created through continuity

    • You do less
    • We do more
    • There are many ways to be compliant, we find the one that fits you.

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Free – Overview Analysis. Covers internal network scan, external network scan, and review of policies and procedures.

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Working in this industry for over 33 years, you learn a lot. As a Data compliance company with that much experience, we know how to deliver the best service possible. Whether you handle HIPAA, OHSA, Documentation, Cyber Protection, or employee oversight; with us, whether you do-it-yourself, or do it with us, we are not happy until you are.

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