Be POWERFUL - Be FEARLESS - Be UNSTOPPABLE - Against cyber attacks.

With cyber attacks ever increasing against medical offices and municipalities, Curran Data's service and expertise will enable your office to become confident, cyber resilient and completely HIPAA compliant. _____________________________________

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Our Guarantee - You will be Powerful, Fearless and Unstoppable against cyber attacks.

Compliance continues to increase in complexity and changes often. Curran Data guides you through the processes of cyber resilience and HIPAA compliance, while avoiding business interruption.

Common Questions

- Isn't cyber resilience difficult?

- Does cybersecurity affect our office?

- Are we big enough to need this?

- Is compliance expensive?

- Doesn't our IT company take care of cyber resilience and compliance?

- Will training address all things cyber and compliance?

How to determine if expert guidance with cyber resilience and compliance is needed.

–  Trouble making time for more responsibilities such as cybersecurity and resilience

– Details are needed to implement all of this compliance and cyber resilience

– Trouble with the language used by your IT people

– Keeping up to date with all of the changes happening with cybersecurity and compliance


Our Customers

Curran Data Technologies, your first and only cyber resilient and HIPAA compliance service.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Review current status

Step 2

Address critical needs

Step 3

Monthly maintenance


Ensure the safety of your medical office

Our goal is to ensure the safety of your data and longevity of your medical practice. As technology develops and improves, so do the methods of cyber-criminals. It’s for these reasons that your data security can’t be tackled with a set it and forget it mentality.

Most practices don’t have the time to invest in cyber resilience, ensuring that their business doesn’t fall victim to cyber-criminals. At Curran, we work with you and your IT vendor providing the resources and guidance to proactively monitor your systems before a vulnerability is exploited. Bringing resiliency to your office even with a cyber event.

Auditing is a useful tool in maintaining your security, accuracy and efficiency. By reviewing regularly, we ensure that your practice is operating in accordance with current HIPAA policies and proactively manage best practice recommendations for cybersecurity.

Curran Data

Curran Data brings you the world’s easiest platform to keep your medical office in compliance and cyber resilient.

Led by Curran Data's expertise, you will have confidence in your practices compliance and cybersecurity

If you have a question or want to discuss your custom compliance and security requirements, we are here to help you in each and every step of your development. Please fill the form below and send us a message today!