We specialize in bringing HARMONY between your office and HIPAA. Saving 40 - 70% on your HIPAA strategy implementation while removing exposure and risk from government fines and cybersecurity attacks.

Working with data for over 30 years, you learn a lot. As a compliance company with that much HIPAA experience, we know how to deliver the best service possible. Whether you handle HIPAA with us, yourself, or a do-it-yourself software, we are not happy until you are.

Start you experience

Quoted by Dr. Alan Schwartz, MD: "HIPAA-compliance requires significant time and effort--more than a private-practice physician such as myself can adequately provide.  Curran Data Technologies becomes our HIPAA Compliance Officer and relieves me of the stress of worrying about potential violations.  I can spend more of my time on caring for patients rather than administrative busy-work!"

  • Balance, symmetry and perfect proportions - creates HARMONY

    • Lower your stress about what must be done for HIPAA
    • Let us find HIPAA issues before someone else does
  • Lower the RISK of your office

    • Security is important in today's world
    • Get Maximum HIPAA compliance and security - guaranteed
  • Discipline of addition through subtraction, where less becomes more, and calm is created through continuity

    • You do less
    • We do more
    • There are many ways to be compliant, we find the one that fits you