Guiding you to 100% confidence in cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance by using the NIST cybersecurity framework

Using National Institute of Security and Technology (NIST) cyber security framework SP800-171 (R2), and mapping to the HIPAA regulations, Curran Data Technologies is able to guide medical offices to confidence in their cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance levels.


Cybersecurity – Protect your patient information and data

  • Cybersecurity risk analysis
  • Develop cybersecurity plan
  • Implement cybersecurity plan
  • Continuous monitoring of all known cyber-attack methods
  • We work alongside your IT partner to close vulnerabilities and stay up to date with desired cybersecurity levels
  • Implement and monitor cloud and infrastructure misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • Continuous monitoring of internal security
  • Create and maintain all necessary documentation

HIPAA – Keep your compliance current

  • HIPPA risk analysis
  • Compliance gap identification
  • Remediation of compliance gaps
  • Work alongside IT partner in order to meet all of the HIPAA and NIST requirements
  • Create all policies and procedures as required
  • Implement all policies and procedures internally
  • Implement all policies and procedures internally
  • Implement new or changed regulations as changes occur
  • Create and maintain all necessary documentation


  • Cyber awareness
  • HIPAA awareness
  • HIPAA Officer (one point person required per office)
  • OSHA
  • Table top exercises to verify (annually)

Vendor Management

  • Verify all Tier 2 and above vendor and supply chain member’s security level

Incident Management

  • Implement incident playbook to guide the office through an event
  • Create a team needed to respond to an incident or breach including:
    • Legal
    • IT Forensic team
    • Law enforcement (FBI, local police, state police)
    • Crypto wallet as needed

Audit Assistance

  • Assistance in gathering all the necessary information for a HIPAA security audit

Next Steps to the Curran Data Experience

It’s easy for us to make you secure and HIPAA Compliant.